Apprentice profile: Vanessa Stidever

Vanessa gives an insight into her experience as an apprentice at Middlesex University

Vanessa“I’ve learnt how to organise events, network with people and deal with clients on the phone,” says Vanessa Stidever, who is in the midst of a one-year QA apprenticeship in Business Administration at Middlesex University.

Vanessa, who joined the Global Corporate Engagement Team straight out of sixth form, must develop these skills and more to create a portfolio of work-based evidence in areas such as managing an office facility, participating in a project, and learning the principles of leadership and management.

“A typical day for me involves answering emails, helping to organise events that are coming up and assisting the director and other people in the team,” Vanessa explains. “They’re really lovely – it’s like a family.”

With 60 per cent of her portfolio completed, Vanessa is already thinking about the future.

“I have applied for university, but I might apply for another apprenticeship that has a degree associated with it,” she says.

Global Business Support Manager Samantha Owen explains: “Apprenticeships are an ideal way for people to get practical experience in an industry environment while working towards a qualification and earning a salary. They can be tailored to specific job roles – making them flexible to the needs of the business rather than just a generic programme.

There are a huge range of apprenticeships available, which means you can learn something that suits you by hands-on experience on the job. As well as earning qualifications and improving their skills apprentices also earn a salary and get paid holidays.