My week: Biomedical science

Biomedical scientists use their diagnostic training to help save lives. They carry out lab tests and scientific research to diagnose and screen for diseases, analysing patients’ tissue samples and fluids. They could be working in A&E, testing blood samples from heart attack patients, or monitoring the effects of cancer treatments. If you’re fascinated by how the human body works and love the idea of helping to cure and treat diseases through research and analysis, you just might thrive in a biomedical science career.

Mohamed, BSc Biomedical ScienceBiomedical Science

Currently I’m undertaking six modules, so obviously the amount of effort required is enormous. Constant coursework, assignments, laboratory demonstrations and presentations are typical tasks for a second year student. My current modules are:

  • Blood Sciences – haematology and blood transfusion
  • Clinical Sciences – physiology and aetiology
  • Infection Sciences – microbiology and virology
  • Cellular Sciences – histology
  • Molecular and Genetic Sciences
  • Research Methods and Professional Practice

Tuesday is when I start my week in a lab at 9am as part of Infection Sciences module. This lab in particular has given me the knowledge and expertise to distinguish between different microorganisms such as bacteria, viruses, fungus and parasites. Working in a laboratory has helped me learn how to practise safely and carry out correct and safe tests.

Wednesday and Thursday are a combination of analysis of patients’ case scenarios (to understand the pathophysiology behind their discomfort) and an investigation of tissue under the microscope to learn about their differences and abnormalities. Also on Wednesday we learn about DNA (extraction, analysis and mutation detection), protein structure, amino acids and genetic and gene modification.

My Fridays start with a 9am lecture about haematology and blood science, followed by a practical lab. In the afternoon we learn how to design an experiment, collect data and arrive at scientific conclusions.

During weekends I work at House of Fraser. After work I catch up with my family and friends. Not having seen them during the week, we have a lot to talk about.

Mondays are when I conclude my week, so I normally spend them revising or completing any overdue tasks. I also use Mondays to get things ready for the week ahead.