Tips for: Visual learners

Visual Learners are usually more comfortable learning by reading or seeing pictures. You might get bored by long lectures or have difficulty following spoken directions. In class you might be easily distracted by sounds. If you are not sure what sort of learner you are then try out our Discover Your Learning Style quiz.

Some helpful learning tactics are to use a lot of colour in your notes (highlighters and stickers will help), draw pictures of things you need to remember and seek out diagrams and charts to help with concepts you are struggling with.

Tutorials where you can discuss issues in detail, libraries where you can read up on your subjects and studios where you can draw are some of the things you might look forward to in higher education. Visual learners might want to think about studying subjects like Maths, Physics, Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences.

We have put together five tips for visual learners to turbo-charge their study sessions:


When you are taking notes, use doodles and pictures to illustrate important or more difficult sections


Make ‘mind-maps’, draw out diagrams and write out things you are struggling to remember


Try to find a quiet, tidy space to study in


Colour-Code your work, use a range of highlighters to show which ideas are linked


Make up decks of flash cards for revision – these will be even more effective if you include images and diagrams