Tips for: Auditory learners

Auditory Learners usually feel more comfortable learning by hearing and listening. You store information based on the way it sounds, and you probably have an easier time understanding spoken instructions than written ones. You might hum or talk to yourself or others if you become bored. If you are not sure what sort of learner you are then try out our Discover Your Learning Style quiz.

You might find it helpful to learn by reading out loud. See if you can find podcasts about subjects that you are interested in, and ask teachers to describe concepts that you are struggling with.

Lectures with professors who are engaging speakers, as well as classes where you get to listen to people talking will likely be some of places you do your best learning. Auditory learners might want to consider studying subjects like Music, Languages, Education and Social Work.

We have put together five tips for auditory learners to turbo-charge their study sessions.


Try to find other auditory learners to study with, having conversations can be useful


If possible, try recording your classes and lectures to listen back to later


Trying to explain ideas and concepts you are struggling with to other people may help you to work them out


Look out for podcasts and radio shows about the subjects you are interested in


Read questions aloud before you try to answer them