LudovicaProfile: Ludovica

Hello! My name is Ludovica and I’m in my final year of a BA Journalism and Media degree. I moved here from Italy three years ago and I’ve loved every second. My favourite thing about Middlesex University is the sense of community; having every subject on just one campus helped me meet loads of amazing people and join in many extra-curricular activities!

I really love my course, especially projects like creating a blog of London photographs, where I gave traditional objects like red phone boxes and Boris bikes ‘a soul’ by capturing the capital through their eyes. But my passion for media and journalism doesn’t stop when lectures and seminars finish!

Typically, I only have classes two days a week, but as I live very close to the university I come in most days. On Thursdays I host my own radio show, ‘Hollywood Evenings’, about movies on the Students’ Union official station POW! FM. Then I head over to the weekly Journalism Society meeting. I’m the film editor of the MDXSU magazine too, so that requires lots of writing and planning.

Overall, the opportunities I’ve had in and outside my course have been really important in my development as a journalist and as a more confident person. They also introduced me to people that ended up meaning the most to me in the world (after my family, of course!).

There are important ethical considerations when you translate or interpret. We have to take into account not just the source text but also the readers and the country where the translation will be published. There are topics that can be ethically problematic – LGBT or Independence of Catalonia, for example – and translators should bear this in mind, because when we translate a message to a reader that doesn’t speak the original language, they’re going to accept whatever we’ve said. Readers might make decisions or change their thinking after reading our translations, so professional ethics are crucial.

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