7 things that only London students know

- By Colin O'Halloran, former Middlesex student

London is a fantastic city and a great place to go to University. Make Your Mark talks to former Middlesex student Colin O'Halloran about the the great things he's found through studying in London.


Tube travel

Glasgow, Tyne and Wear and Liverpool all have underground railways, but none are as big as Londons tube system. You’re a leader in this urban jungle and know exactly where you’re going, including changes. Once someone asks you for directions, you’ve passed the first ‘Londoner’ test.



Tour guide

Friends flock to neighbourhood and they want to explore every inch and crevice. You secretly love this power with the tours you give that are famous amongst your friends.




You know that there is never a reason for you to go hungry in London as world cuisine is on your doorstep. Hailed as the most diverse and exciting food capital in the world, London has a rich tapestry of foods from different cultures, regions and countries.



The pearl is the Oyster

No one even remembers the time before Oyster cards were introduced in 2003, but getting on the bus and having to pay with real money must have been awful. Journeys are even more enjoyable knowing that if you head to university you'll carry on getting cheaper travel with your student Oyster card.



Charity is for the wise

London is massive and there are good deals to be had out there if you look. Markets and charity shops are rising in popularity meaning you can easily find something for yourself or unearth a gem to sell later. Charity shops are also the perfect place to find cheap books for your studies - it might take a little more searching, but you'll save money compared to buying new.



Your London hide-away

London has so many hidden areas that you have found a way to take advantage of one of them. From a study space to a patisserie, you know your little slice of London.



Your friends come from all over the world

As a student living in one of the most ethnically diverse cities in the world, you’re friends come from all over the world. The opportunity to learn about different cultures, learn new languages and make friends is immense. Middlesex has students from over 150 countries across the globe.